Acer S240hl Driver Windows 10

Hey there, So this is a very annoying little problem I have. I bought an Acer S240HL monitor and when I plugged it in, the monitor was not recognized and displayed only as a generic non-pnp monitor. This was with Windows 7. Any time I would try and update the driver it would just say the drivers were up to date already.

Acer S230hl Driver Windows 10

I tried forcing the computer to use the latest driver for the monitor which makes it recognize it, but it still wont display the best resolution (1920x1080). I'm running an NVIDIA GTX 660. I fixed this problem originally by using the NVIDIA Control Panel and making a custom resolution which the computer accepted. Now I've updated to Windows 10 and I'm having the exact same issue.however, now when I try to create a custom resolution in the NVIDIA Control Panel it says the resolution is not supported by the monitor. Toshiba Satellite L775 Windows 10 Drivers.

It's worth noting that the NVIDIA Control Panel recognizes the monitor by name, where the computer does not. I can't figure this out and I need help because I can't keep running this monitor on this **** resolution. Hi, Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community. We regret the inconvenience caused to you. Let me assist you.