Csr V4 0 Driver Windows 10

Driver Windows 7 Ultimate

OK I've tried TWO Bluetooth dongle, both with CSR chipset and I'm stuck. Basically I just bought new Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard along with Wedge touch mouse, both are Bluetooth devices. I also bought a Bluetooth v4.0 dongle (made by e-Blue) with CSR chipset. Stick that into my newly built windows7 SP1 machine, system recognize the dongle, automatically installed driver (I'm assuming a generic one) dated 30 Dec 2014. Click on the status within Device Manager and it seems to be working fine. But when I tried to add device by Control Panel ->Hardware and Sound ->Add a device, nothing can be found even though BOTH the keyboard and mouse are in discovery/pairing mode.

Epson T88v Driver Windows 10. I tested both the keyboard & mouse w/ other Bluetooth devices (MacBook & iPad) and they're both discoverable. So I'm led to believe that the BT dongle is at fault.

Tried to search for specific driver but no luck. So I returned that dongle & bought another one. This time it's made by Avantree & low and behold it's ALSO made w/ CSR chipset. But at least this time the manufacturer do provide specific driver. Unfortunately same thing happen again with both the generic 30 Dec 2014 driver and the manufacturer supplied driver dated 14 Jul 2014.

So I'm led to believe that there're some compatibility problem w/ CSR chipset BT devices. Or is there any recommendation for BT dongle w/ chipset made by other companies? Hi Alec, I will be glad to assist you with the issue you are facing in connecting your Bluetooth Device to the computer. I understand the frustration when things don’t work the way it should.