Dell Optiplex 9010 Drivers For Windows 10 64 Bit

Microsoft Drivers For Windows 10

Alas on a closer look we're still not 100% successful yet. The graphics driver is not deploying with the proper Intel HD 530 drivers. Post deployment checking Device Manager shows Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. If you force the device to Update Driver from Windows Update it will pull down the correct driver. If you force the device to Update Driver from the MDT Deploymentshare, it also installs the correct driver once already in Windows.

Intel Wifi Link 5300 Agn Driver Windows 10. So it seems as though it's just failing to inject correctly during imaging. Checking the MDT ZTIDriver log you can see it query the device and find the correct driver folder and it suggests that it installs and shows no errors, but once you hit the desktop you only see Standard VGA, no Intel graphics options on desktop right click etc.

I have tried manually replacing the driver with the latest Intel drivers and a few other revisions of Dell 'Intel HD, 5300, 5500, 6000, 515, 520, 530, P530, Iris 540 Graphics Driver' with no success. Atheros Ar9285 Driver Windows 10 Asus more. It appears that there is very similar discussion about both the USB3 and Video drivers as well (I assume it's the same chipset) It seems like these A01 driver cabs for the skylake systems still have a way to go before being fully functional on Win7.