Driver Audio Hdmi Windows 10

Driver Audio Hdmi Windows 10

After upgrading to windows 10 this morning from 8. Cintiq Drivers Windows 10. 1, there is no sound output through my hdmi connected receiver (Onkyo NR708). I use this feature daily and everything is plugged in fine and ON, it worked 1 hour ago on 8.1. The receiver appears in the playback devices and is set to default. It uses the Intel(R) Display Audio driver to output sound. When music is playing (example in Itunes), the green level bars move to show the sound level in the playback device window.

More Driver Audio Hdmi Windows 10 videos. This package supports the following driver models:Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI. I searched download hdmi audio sound driver for windows 8 and here i am.

There is no output through the speakers though. Dell Latitude E5510 Windows 10 Drivers. Any help is appreciated Thank you.

I fixed it this morning. I have a dell inspiron 2350 and I went on the Dell website and I installed an 'older' version of the Intel graphics driver HD 4600 (which installs the display audio driver).

What is funny is that the older driver seems newer to me, I think there is a typo which is confusing windows. Display Audio driver according to windows: Newer version Older version 6. (yes, there is an extra 0) I just need to remember not to blindly upgrade my drivers if windows asks anytime soon. Thank you for your time.