Driver Not Working Windows 10

Bluetooth Driver Not Working Windows 10

I updated my windows 7 installation to windows 10 on my 2012 Retina Macbook pro (mid-12) and the drivers for the trackpad with the latest 6.0 boot camp support software do not work at all.

Hey, Would you be able to provide more information about your system setup, upgrade process. • What is your system setup - HW specs? Does it have USB 3.0? • What OS did you upgrade from? • Did you have NI software installed on your system prior to upgrading to Windows 10?

If yes, what driver(s) & what software version(s)? • In your post you mentioned, DAQmx 15.0. Hp Pavilion Touchpad Driver Windows 10 there. 1 and ELVISmx 15.0, where these installed after the Windows 10 upgrade?

• Would you elaborate on the process of the upgrade, what did you start with, what were the steps to upgrade, and what was done after the upgrade? • Additional, have you restarted your computer after the upgrade? Any information you can provide would be greately appreciated! Hello Sandra, to answer your questions.