Elm327 Usb Driver Windows 10

Elm 327 Usb Driver Windows 8

One could put an argument that this question is about software and not mechanics, however now-days everything is computerized (including cars and their diagnostic tools) so I believe this question belongs here as this is where one intuitively look for such an answer. I have recently but was unable to use it with Windows 10. Windows would detect the cable (USB to COM), but driver under system would have triangle with exclamation mark which indicates that there is something wrong with driver.

Click here for complete step-by-step guide, including driver files for correctly installing your ELM327 USB cable interface (or Bluetooth) to Windows.

When trying to update driver windows would give message that this is the latest driver. I have tried using 4 different diagnostic programs and all of them would fail with messages similar to Unable to establish connection to COM port or nothing is plugged in, which in my opinion indicate that cable (or driver) is incompatible with Windows 10. Avermedia Live Gamer Portable Drivers Windows 10 on this page. (Cable was connected to the car and car had ignition on) This question is not about how to make my cable work with Windows 10 but rather Does anyone know of OBD2 to USB cable that has drivers and works with Windows 10? Why use a the Canbus to USB adaptor (not a cable!)?

The elm327 comes in at least three flavours: • One with an USB connection. • One with an bluetooth connection. • One with an Wifi connection.

I just ordered the third because it uses ancient but widespread IP v4 to set up a connection, making it usuable with almost any computer. (Almost since it might be challenging on iphones and similar unless jail broken). The alternatives both require special drivers and I am not convinced that those will be updated, neither in time (e.g. Not yet available for your current OS) or not at all (e.g. When you want to use it over a decade with then current equipment). Having written all that, lets actually try to solve your problem. • The obvious way: If you do not have the drivers for windows 10 then do not use windows 10.