Generic Keyboard Driver Windows 10

Generic Usb Keyboard Driver Windows 10

Mouse and keyboard not working at the same time is one of the big headaches for Windows users after the Windows 10 upgrade. Many of them complain they can’t use the mouse and key board at the same time, because Windows 10 is stuck on the login screen and does not recognize the devices or the mouse and keyboard can only work in the safe mode or BIOS.

The mouse and keyboard issues can happen on both laptops and desktops. And here are some solutions of how to fix mouse and keyboard not working issues on Windows 10. See Also: How to Fix Windows 10 Mouse and Keyboard Not Working Issues Below are some methods you can take to figure out where the problem is and fix it up. Method 1: Reboot the PC It is a common way to fix most of the computer problems, because if the motherboard isn’t electrified, hardware like the mouse and keyboard won’t work properly. So you could restart the computer (also pull the battery of the laptop and then put it back) to see if this could fix the mouse and issues.

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Method 2: Check the USB or PS2 Ports There are two kinds of ports supporting the mouse and the keyboard: the USB port and the PS2 port (often in a round shape). To test the USB one, you could try plugging in other USB peripherals you are sure work, such as a USB thumb drive, an Android smartphone, a MP4 player, etc. Do the same to test the PS2 port. If the, there may be something wrong with the port. Then take the following checks: 1.

Try other USB/PS2 ports on the front or back of the PC (if available). See if the ports are loose.

The loose hardware connection may result in from the screen or disater. Clean up the dust in the ports. See if there are bent connection pins, which can seriously result in the mouse and keyboard not working. Bamboo Pen And Touch Driver Windows 10.