H100i Gtx Driver Windows 10

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H100i Gtx Driver Windows 10

I'm having issues with corsair link not recognizing my H100i GTX. I've read all of the threads i could find. I have already made sure i have the latest version of link, switched usb headers, unplugged and replugged in. The H100 is not showing up under corsair link tab devices, but if i unplug and replug the usb the device manager acts as if all is ok, But still not showing up in corsair link. The installation is by the book except the mounting method because my case doesn't accept a 240mm rad stock. Iv'e attached some screen shots it would be much appreciated if anyone could help.

Red-ray's PC Specs Motherboard ASRock X79 Champion BIOS P2.80 Processor Intel Xeon E5-2696 v2 (Ivy Bridge-EP) Memory 32GB - 8 x BLT4G3D1869DT2TXRG Video Card # 1 4 x EVGA GeForce GTX 980 SC 4GB (8 x PCIe cables) Video Card # 2 2 x CLCP + 4 x CLCC + H110iGT + H80iGT + H100i + Video Card # 3 1 x CLNP + 4 x CLLN + 3 x CLCN + H80 + GRID+ +. Athlon - I did that before i wrote the post. Ati 4550 Driver Windows 10. Uninstalled CL several times, tried older version 3.1.5525 (this version added support for H100i GTX - older versions do not support it?

Am i wrong?) same situation, driver not signed in W7 Pro x64. Tried to install with admin rights - no luck.

I installed newest chipset, USB drivers from Asus and Intel (chipset and USB 3.0) - still not working properly. I'v got it running and be able to control H100i GTX only when I disable W7 Driver signing during boot. Only then driver works.