Hd 4350 Windows 10 Driver

Q8400 dg31pr 4gig ddr2 ati radeon hd4350 1600x900 my monitor resolution till now used 13. Windows 10 Surround Sound Driver. 4beta driver win10 64bit while 13.1 installs but won't work with win10 64bit (procedure 'i install it normally it's in 1024x768 after i install it the screen flickers for about >>[computer won't start] blah blah blah. So i done a fresh win10 install same specs and i can't install driver anymore screen flickers right after i install them and flicked again and again and again and freezing my peripherals and restarts it self and don't post even the bios and stuck on a black screen well so i reverted back to win7 64bit with a 1600x900 resolution but if i install the driver 13.1 which are meant for win 7 64bit same flickering problem and freezing and black screen.. I can't change my resolution from 1024x768 to 1600x900 without driver, is there any other way resolutions i get are 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x854 to select and i only get the 1600x900 with the gpu driver installed but i don't understand the problem is it a hardware fault??? Partially??) all other hardware working fine double checked and yes i did use my computer till today completely fine until i got this stupid error that takes me to desktop but crashed to black screen which made me reformat and try installing drivers again but no luck HELP Canon Lbp 3300 Driver For Windows 10 on this page. !!!!

Radeon Hd 4350 Drivers Windows 10