Headphone Driver For Windows 10

A standard error encountered by Windows 10 users has been the Headphones not working error. Ahci Sata Driver Windows 10. Majority of the Headphones not working error occurs because of incompatible or corrupt sound drivers. Thus, by updating the driver should fix your problem. Since Rosewill is a second tier vendor, it's unlikely you're going to see windows 10 drivers for that device anytime soon. I have the same headphones, everything is working fine with me (Windows 10) I just plugged it and went to my sound config that windows comes with (right click the sound icon. Windows 10 All Drivers. Nov 11, 2015 So yeah, I just installed Windows 10 and everything is working smoothly except for my Rosewill RHTS-8206 headset. When I used Windows 7 I had drivers.

Headphone Jack Not Working