Hp 4500 Printer Windows 10 Driver

Hp 4500 Printer Windows 10 Driver

Windows Drivers Details Support. Overview.: Windows software installer package for HP Officejet 4500. Hardware.: HP All in One Printer Officejet 4500 Series.: HP Printer Officejet 4500 Series. Company.: The Hewlett-Packard.

HP Officejet 4500 used to work with Win 7. I installed Win 10 and Windows FAX and SCAN says there is no scanner connected. I run the setup.exe for the device, it completes and still does not work. HP Solution Center says device installation is not complete. Device manager says the device is working but Events says: Device USBPRINT HPOfficejet_4500_G510g-m 8&79a1bed&0&USB001 requires further installation. Tried running the Setup.exe many times. Tried shutting down PC and powering back up.

Still does not recognize printer. Ladies and gentlemen, HERE IS THE SOLUTION. I wasted over a day of my life tracking this down, through all the false and incomplete answers all over the internet. Go to this HP web site: which is titled 'HP Printers - After Windows 10 Upgrade, Printer Does Not Scan' (you could google for it instead of following that link). Scroll down to ' Step 2: Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor'. Click on the live link for the Print and Scan Doctor, which is found in the first paragraph after the title of step 2. Allow the doctor to scan for your printer.

It should be connected before you start the scan -- either on the network, or by USB cable. Important: if it doesn't find your printer the first time, have it scan again. You'll see that it does a more complete, slower scan the second time.

In my case, my wireless printer was found on the second scan only, not the first (and I tested this several times). Apple Ethernet Adapter Driver Windows 10. From that point, it's pretty straightforward. Select your printer from the list it creates, and tell it to install the software. It will download a package that does NOT require you to connect your wireless printer by USB cable. Then it will automatically run that install package. HP, please have an intern go around all the many 'solutions' that don't work, including well-meaning tech telling people to just reinstall their drivers, and put a pointer to that web page in each article.