Hp G2410 Scanner Driver For Windows 10

I just buy a new PC, and it's already isntalled with Windows 8.1 but when I tr to connect my Hp ScanJet 2400, the PC recognize and install the driver by them self. But It's didn't work!!! And I check the PC said need WIA driver isntalled, and the scanner is recognized as ScanJet G2410!!! I tried to remove device, then install the driver from HP website, and connect the scanner again, but still recognized like that way. And tried install via CD Driver that included with scanner, the software rejected to install due higher windows version.

Hp G2410 Scanner Driver For Windows 10

I so confused and didn't know what to do!!! Is anyone can give me any solution??? I have almost the same problem at work. Trying to make HP Scanjet G2410 work on Windows 8.1 x64.

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I have two 2400 scanner as well, but have recently not tested with them. But the last time I did, the situation was the same, exactly this: I connect the G2410 and power it on. In Device Manager it says 'hp scanjet' but windows cannot automatically get a driver for it (Update drivers and internet search come up empty). So I download drivers from HP website, for Win 8.1 x64 and the drivers install successfully, device recognized, but when I right click the scanjet in Devices and Printers and select Scan ->then Scan or Preview ->the scanner sends a noise, then the scan freezes. And I have to terminate the Service Host: WIA process in Task Manager. This happens ONLY on Win 8.1.

On older OS the same scanjet works, with the same drivers. Seems there is something in 8.1 that hinders the scan job. I tested with fresh new win 8.1 install, first installed the scanjet drivers - and it works. Hp Drivers For Windows 10.

Then applied all windows updates, installed apps, etc - still works! Also another PC in my company has it working. All other tested win 8.1 machines fail with the scanjet. Is there something that can be done to make this G2410 and 2400 work on win 8.1?