Idt 92hd73e Driver Windows 10

Idt 92hd91 Windows 10

I have a 2-year old Dell Latitude E6330 with an IDT 92HD93 sound card. Microsoft Optical Mouse 3000 Driver Windows 10. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any Windows 10 drivers for that card (I've looked almost everywhere), and the Windows 8.1 drivers don't work properly (microphone doesn't record sometimes, or sound comes out of the wrong speakers, among other things).

This is what I found on: Notice: IDT’s AC97, HD Audio and Consumer audio codecs are now being sold and supported by Tempo Semiconductor, Inc. For sales and support information, please visit Tempo Semiconductor at So basically it looks like my audio card is no longer supported (as I couldn't find anything on Tempo Semiconductor's website either). Now, if it was just a regular single microphone, I wouldn't be so bothered by all that. Unfortunately the microphone that's in my laptop is actually a microphone array, which doesn't seem to be properly supported by the standard Microsoft drivers. Is there still a way to unlock the full potential of my sound card? (namely the microphone array) To reiterate: I tried the Windows 8.1 drivers I found on Dell's website, but they didn't work.

File Size: Supported OS: IDT 92 HD 73C1 Audio, v., A03 Installer. Windows 7 64 bit. Description: IDT Audio Driver. Instructions: Hard Drive Installation (via WinZip) with Setup. Latest Usb Drivers For Windows 10. exe File for R264124.exe Download 1.Click Download Now, to download the file.