Intel 82579v Driver Windows 10

Intel 82579v Driver Download Windows 10

I have an issue with loading the driver and startup for the Intel 82579V Network Card. I have updated drivers and bios for my board and equipment and the device does.

I updated a computer I have which is a quad core i7 that I built and includes an ASUS motherboard with Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet built in. Windows 10 preview 9926 worked fine with this network adapter.

Window 10 build 10041 does not, and I have tried it twice so far. I even went as far as buying a Thunderbolt-Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (Broadcom, sold by Apple). And while it installed the driver automatically, it did not work either. Each time you try to view the properties of either of them, it locks up or give an error.

In fact, doing much of anything with the Intel adapter icon assures you of not being able to do a clean reboot. Have to kill power. I have finally gone back the previous version 9926, which has its issues but no where near as bad as not having any network connectivity! Does anyone have this issue and a workaround? Windows 10 Display Driver Crash. Note, there are two images on the windows 10 preview forum that I posted this question on. I could not post the full link as I was getting a message here that links and graphics are not allowed. Hi, According to your description, it should be driver compatibility problem with Windows 10 TP 10041.

Based on my research, Intel just released a new driver for Windows 8.1 at 3/17/2015, you can access to the link below to download and install the latest driver for test. If no use, please be paint to waiting for new driver released by Intel. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact Thanks Roger, I posted the following yesterday in the other thread (thinking it was this thread - confusing after they moved it here). It may be that the new driver fixes the issue that 10041 has with it, but I have not tried that yet.