Lenovo Pci Device Driver Windows 10

Hello everyone, just had a Z61T bought for me as a replacement for a busted ACER, and I have to be honest and say I'm seriously pleased with it BUT, I have a problem, a niggle as it were. Hp1102 Driver Windows 10. Everytime I boot up and get va little message in the task bar telling me that 'new hardware' has been found, as above, initially the wizard describes it as IDE ATA/ ATAPI controller, then disappears when I cancell it and it returns as ' Unknown PCI Device'.

Pci Device Driver For Windows 2000

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I can't find any drivers, none are installed, can't roll back can't even uninstall whatever it might be. Device Manager is no help at all- so any and all ideas greatly appreciated and welcome!!

I do love this machine tho EDIT: Sorry forgot to say I'm running XP Pro SP3 2GHZ model( T72000) and 2GB RAM. I agree it should but it doesn't, I have attempted that 2x now and still no progress further info:- PCI bus 0, device31, function 2????? PCI device properties under device manger only reveals under 'details' - PCI VEN_8086&DEV_27C5&SUBSYS_200D17AA&REV_02 3&B1BFB68&0&FA No drivers, no rollback available, nothing! It shows up as a windows storage device when I run AIDA32?? Any ideas to what it is exactly? At least it'd give me a chance of tracking down a driver and getting rid of this irritating message and window.