Lenovo Y580 Touchpad Driver Windows 10

Lenovo Y580 Touchpad Driver Windows 10

Download the latest exact suitable Lenovo Y 580 Laptop Drivers which include Bluetooth, audio, graphic, video, network, WiFi, Chipset and touchpad drivers for windows 7/8.1/10 on both 32 bit and 64 bit.

So the drivers that were installed for my Lenovo Y580 touchpad are horrible. Realtek Windows 10 Network Driver. The device sometimes doesn't respond to movement, and sometimes the pointer freaks out for no reason.

Tried playing with the settings, but nothing seemed to improve the precision. This makes for a very frustrating experience since i very often end up clicking stuff i wasn't aiming for (I'm actually writing this post for the second time since i accidentally closed the tab when checking another one in the process) Tried uninstalling the drivers whatsoever but the generic driver isn't good either - while the precision is improved, it feels way too slow and gestures don't work. Can we hope for better drivers? Or maybe it's just me who has a terrible experience with them? OKR is a finicky piece of shit imo. It will stop working if you ever try to resize any partition.

I really recommend after upgrading to Win 10 (so your key is registered for Win 10) that you download the Win 8.1 drivers to one external drive and the Win 10 ISO to a USB key and do a clean install on a new SSD (forget the slow ass msata and HDD). This way you future upgrades and reinstalls would be much smoother. Driver Install order for clean installs: 'After reinstalling Microsoft Windows, follow the order listed when reinstalling drivers.

This order is recommended by Intel and you should print this list for reference when installing drivers. • Your Windows Operating System • Run Windows Update to install the latest service packs and any other patches. Qualcomm Atheros Qca9565 Windows 10 Driver. • Motherboard or the Chipset – Helps Windows control system board components and controllers. • Video Adapter – Enhances video performance. • Network Interface Card (NIC) – Enhances the network controller for Internet or network access.