Matshita Uj890as Driver Windows 10

Matshita Dvd Ram Uj8b0aw

Okay, thanks for something else to try. Only problem is that didn't fix it either. The DVD is still in 'other devices' in Device Mgr, but the properties show it correctly identified and that its supposed to be working. Ati Radeon Xpress 1200 Driver Windows 10 there. For those suggesting swapping cables: my system is a laptop, and its not an option. The drive works in Ubuntu (Linux) just fine, so there's no hardware issue. It is visible in the BIOS settings too.

(12.65 MB )Download. Dvd-BD ram drivers.rar. ROEHSOFT ram Expander (SWAP) v3. Macbook Pro 2015 Windows 10 Drivers. 10 - A great programmer once said to insufficient ram.

Windows 10 just refuses to see the drive.Gyrphon I found this solution posted in the Microsoft Community. I hope this will work for you.

I'm just going to quote what I found. This was in a post from another user that had problems and it worked on my asus a53z laptop with the same dvd drive UJ8B0. Ok I was able to figure this out on my laptop and fix it. I noticed that besides my DVD drive missing that my SSD was very slow like a slow hard drive. It was indeed caused by the generic SATA controller driver Windows 10 installed for the AMD SATA Controller in my system.

I had downloaded the latest chipset drivers from AMD before but I didn't notice the installer didn't update the SATA controller driver. I had to do it manually in Device manager. So for anyone else with an AMD based system that's having this problem, give this a try. Download the latest AMD Windows 10 Chipset drivers at Run the installer which will extract the files to your hard drive and may update some other drivers. When it's done, reboot your system. Open device manager by right clicking 'Start' and then click 'Device Manager'.