Nexus 6p Windows 10 Drivers

I'm trying really hard to make it fail, but I'm able to connect both my Honor 8 and my Nexus 6 P (7.1. Drivers For Hp Laptop Windows 10. 2 beta) to my Windows 10 PC, and I can then browse their file systems using MTP mode without any problems. For what it's worth, the MTP connection is actually using Microsoft drivers.

Android Drivers For Windows 10

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After I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, I can no longer mount my Nexus 5 on it. When I connect it via usb, I get the usb connection chime on laptop. In the device manager, I can see a 'MTP USB device' and 'Android Composite ADB Interface' shows up. But I can't see the phone in windows explorer, like I used to on Windows 7. I tried installing Universal Naked Driver 0.73 and Google USB driver.

No such issues with my Galaxy Nexus. I plug that in and it immediately gets detected by Phone Companion and shows up in windows explorer.

Anyone figured out what to do about Nexus 5 here? Dunno whether you ever worked this out but I had this same problem and just cracked it so thought I'd share. Forget about device manager. Go to Devices & Printers. Your nexus 5 is probably sitting under Unspecified. Right click>Properties>Hardware tab>Properties>Change settings>Driver tab>Update driver THIS is the driver that needs updating.