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I have recently bought a new Lenovo Y50-70, with an Intel HD 4600 Graphics chipset and a Nvidia GTX 960m graphics card. I upgraded the hard disk to a new Samsung SSD. I was having this problem after trying to play a game: the screen froze and there was a strange sound. After that a blue screen with the error, Video_Tdr_Failure. After that, every time I tried to use the laptop for video or anything video related where my Nvidia Graphics Card was involved, the same blue screen occurred.

After a while a different blue screen with the error Thread_Exception_Not_Handled. After various attempts, uninstalling and installing the Nvidia drivers in safe mode and scanning for viruses in Bitdefender's Rescue Mode, I noticed that my Laptop had the option to use either Switchable Graphics (default option) or UMA graphics (Intel chipset on the processor). Note that the computer is running Windows 10 and this problem didn't occur on the previous version of Windows (w8) when I first bought it. Now, while on switchable graphics I uninstalled the Nvidia driver from device manager in normal start up mode, and then when I tried to search for any changes in hardware so that I could re-install it nothing happened. After that, when I try to boot my pc on switchable graphics, the error Dpc_Watchdog_Violation appeares on a blue screen (because a driver is missing) and the computer won't boot up. Headset Microphone Drivers Windows 10 more. The computer can only normally boot up when using the Uma graphics option. Hi, Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community.