Rx 480 Drivers Windows 10

Rx 480 Drivers Download Windows 10

MSI AMD Radeon RX 480 GAMING X 8G graphics card uses new FinFET 14 process technology and AMD’s advanced power, enable unique support for DirectX 12 and Vulkan in. Hello guys, is this a known error or is it just me? Directx error every **** time. I just updated to 16.10.3 but it's far worse now.

I apologize if this is not the correct area for this question: I just went to windows 10 from 7, I am on a clean install on a bran new HDD. Windows automatically updated my RX480 with a driver from 2016 '16. Ricoh Sp 210 Printer Driver For Windows 10. 300.2311.0' When I tell windows to look for updates, it says it is up to date and has the best driver.

If I download the latest AMD 17.2.1 from a month ago, I first remove the old driver, install the new and it says 'your graphics card awaits' Well within 5 seconds my screen flicks off/on and then BAM, the old 16.300.2311.0 driver is back on! I asked a microsoft tech, we tried stuff for hours, updating builds doing it different ways NOTHING. Is anyone else experiencing this? OKAY so, it seemed to have worked! However strangely I ended up with a different driver from the one I had pre downloaded on my desktop. Did DDU you get me one?

That is kind of ODD, but at least its a more modern driver. Hp Deskjet 2512 Driver Windows 10. I really appreciate the help. Windows 10 has been a major pain for me so far over 7. I can't even get win.10 to recognize my printer when I plug it in. It has been a nightmare. Getting Kernel errors all kinds of stuff, and this is my third install on 3 different HDDs! I went to 10 from 7 home because I needed more memory.