Scansnap Ix500 Driver For Windows 10

Driver For Scansnap Ix500 For Windows 10

Thanks for the pointer Dude. Everything now working as it should. I did though take everything back to basics, uninstalled the Fujitsu software, rebooted and reinstalled. Then I disconnected the scanner and reinstalled again - following Brink's recommendations. Rebooted and reconnected the hardware. Win10 then automatically found the required drivers and hey presto - all works. The installing software first before hooking up the scanner is as per the recommendations on the Fujitsu site.

Epson Lx 350 Drivers Windows 10. So note to self - read the instructions first!! Again, thanks for your help. Just to add to this. I have the same scanner on Win10.

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Initially it worked, then for no apparent reason one day it just stopped working and was listed in the device manager as an unknown item and no drivers could be found for it. I tried the above solution to no avail so I went poking around the program files looking for previously installed drivers. In doing so I stumbled across this little program ' Program Files (x86) PFU ScanSnap Driver SsDrvRepair SsDrvRepair-x64.exe' Given the issue, I thought it was worth a try and certainly fixed the scanner drivers for me. I tried everything above which did not work for me but I did find a process that worked and may be helpful for others.