Starforce Driver Windows 10

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • Protection options [ ] StarForce MMOG StarForce MMOG is a professional solution for game developers providing MMO game protection against various threats ( and ). Included tools help to secure game servers against unauthorized game launches, enable game code obfuscation and offer protection against cracking and modification, as well as providing game traffic security. Protection works effectively if a game was protected before release. It allows developers set a high security level and spend less time to maintain the balance of online games. StarForce C++ Obfuscator This efficient solution is designed to obfuscate (transform) C/ program's source code (text files) for protection against cracking and reverse engineering. Protected source code is secured against analysis performed by a man or a machine.


StarForce C++ Obfuscator is a software that should be installed on the client side unlike the other StarForce products. A few tens of obfuscation techniques provide a high level of tamper resistance. StarForce Crypto This solution provides protection of application code without binding to an optical disk or a computer. StarForce Crypto serves to counter the analysis of the application source code. Companies uses this solution to hide program algorithms from hackers.

StarForce ProActive Protection system for software that distributed over the Internet in. StarForce ProActive actually is a system. The system offers different licensing models: - buy only; - try & buy (trial); - try & die; - demo; Software protected by StarForce may be distributed online. Developer can protect both the separate functions of software and entire software by means of StarForce SDK. Usb Mass Storage Device Driver Windows 10. For activation of the protected software it is required to enter a special key that is provided by the developer.

Hp C6180 Driver Windows 10. Activation can be performed over the Internet or by SMS or phone call. StarForce ProActive for Business This solution is recommended for protection of business applications that are designed to work in either a “-server”/”-server” configuration, or as a, running on a server or a workstation. StarForce ProActive for Traders StarForce ProActive for Traders is designed specifically to protect trading algorithms (incl. MQL scripts) based on electronic trader platform against copying, analysis and modification. StarForce Disc Was the first product of StarForce Technologies.