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I have tried to 'Restore Defaults' my network settings many times on VMware Workstation 10.0.3 on my Windows 10 install many times now but it always pauses at installing the adapters and waits for about 30 mins and then exits without installing them (I cannot see them in the network and sharing centre). I see that VMware opens the installer for the adapters but it is like the installer just halts and exits. It has no interface so I cannot see what it is halting or breaking for. Anyone know a work around for this problem? Maybe others are not getting this problem and there is something wrong with my installation? I got it working today, so I’ve made this post to help you too. I posted the solution to the VMware forums as well ().

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Scenario: Windows 10 + VMware Workstation Pro 12 Issue: While installing the application, the installer wizard stops while 'installing virtual network drivers'. Solution • Please have in mind the following: a. VMWare needs to be removed totally from the system. Samsung Mobile Usb Composite Device Driver Windows 10 64 Bit. The installed Virtual Network device driver for VMware needs to be removed as well. • Disable UAC in Windows (type Start ->UAC ->set on minimum). • Disable your antivirus/firewall (i.e.

• Try to install VMware as Administrator (Right-click ->Run as Administrator). When the application hangs at 'Installing Virtual Network Drivers' go to: • Start ->type Virtual Network Editor (this should have been installed by now by the VMware Install Wizard)- • In the Editor click right below on Change settings. • Open Task Manager and right-click and kill two applications: the VMware installation wizard and the VMware Network drivers install tool (I cannot remember the name exactly, but it should be right below the VMware wizard process).