Western Digital Elements Driver Windows 10

Western Digital Elements Driver Windows 10

Windows 10 doesn't recognize WD Elements. No new drivers listed. Any suggestions? Download the latest Windows drivers for Update Western Digital Drivers. Drivers Update tool checks your computer for old drivers and update it. Get latest Update. Download the latest Western Digital (WDC) External Hard Drive WD Elements Portable device drivers (Official and Certified). Western Digital (WDC) External Hard Drive.

Since I have been using Windows 10 it has slowly been killing off my Western Digital hard drives. Everything will be fine and then I notice the computer is acting slow and then becomes unresponsive. I usually end up rebooting and when the system comes back up one of my hard drives is no longer available.

Disk management sees the drive as being in RAW format. Hp Photosmart 7200 Driver Windows 10. This has happened 4 times. The first time I had to reload windows on my machine because it killed my primary drive. After that I lost my 3tb drive that was about 3 years old. Just a few weeks ago I lost a 1tb drive that was not even a year old, and now its starting again on a 250gb drive that I have.

They are all Western Digital drives and they are all of different ages. This is the most hard drive failures I have had in my career, all within the time of using Windows 10. I can format the drives and reuse them but it slowly starts to happen again. I have lost a ton of data. Hi, Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. Let me assist you. An operating system cannot damage a hard disk. It is mainly damaged by programs installed on the system. I suggest you to check the Event logs when the issue occur. Further I suggest you to run a check disk to spot any error in your hard disk. To do so, right- click on the start button>select command prompt (admin)>type “ chkdsk” and press Enter.

This will display the exact errors occurring in your hard drive. Refer the link below for steps to access the Event Viewer on Windows 10.