Wiimote Driver Windows 10

Advertisement How do you prefer to interact with your computer? Sometimes a mouse and keyboard just isn’t enough. Depending on what you’re doing, a completely different interface method is required for you to get the most out of your computer. Personally, I use a trackball and keyboard, for gaming as well as standard use, and there are many Windows computer owners who prefer to do the majority of their work using a graphical tablet and stylus. Elsewhere on MakeUseOf we’ve covered methods for connecting PS3 controllers and Xbox 360 controllers to your PC – but did you know that it is also possible to interact with your computer via the Wiimote? Once you’ve successfully established a connection, the device can then be used for various purposes. Kyocera Ecosys M2535dn Driver Windows 10. Its motion sensor enables you to use the Wiimote as a pointing device, for instance, useful for conducting presentations What You’ll Need to Get Started If you own a Nintendo Wii or have access to a Wiimote (they can be picked up relatively inexpensively from eBay or pawnbrokers) then you will be able to take advantage of the device’s wireless connectivity and use it with Windows.

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