Windows 10 Virtual Display Driver

For testing purposes I always have a VirtualBox machine with the latest Windows 10 build. I installed Windows 10 build 10041 and faced an issue that the VirtualBox video driver did not work in it.

So I couldn't get mouse integration, auto-resize option for the guest display, clipboard sharing and so on. Thankfully, it is very easy to fix this issue. RECOMMENDED: As you might have noticed, the latest versions of Oracle VirtualBox come with Windows 10 support.

Sentelic Driver Windows 10. Just a quick question. When can we have an actual Windows 10 display driver (for guests)? I find that the 'VirtualBox Graphics Adapter for Windows 8' still crashes.

Windows 10 Virtual Display Driver

The appropriate template is available in Windows and Linux versions of the VirtualBox software: However, after you install VirtualBox Guest Additions, the video driver does not work. That's because this Windows 10 machine template has video acceleration disabled, so the driver can't be installed and the virtual video device cannot be recognized.

You just need to change it. • Turn off your Windows 10 VM. • Open its settings and go to the Display section on the left. There you need to tick both checkboxes in 'Extended features:' • Click OK and turn on your VM. It will install and activate the proper driver automatically. You will get all missing features.

You are done. You are here: » » How to get VirtualBox video driver working in Windows 10 build 10041. 17 thoughts on “ How to get VirtualBox video driver working in Windows 10 build 10041” • LaneR What version of VirtualBox and Guest Additions are you using? I setup Windows 10 build 10041 today on VirtualBox version 4.3.26, with Virtual Box Extension Pack 4.3.26. I’m not able to get Shared Folders working. After following your instructions, Shared Folders still don’t work, and the video adapter is still “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter”. I also get the yellow exclamation mark under Other Devices, where Base System Device is listed.